PFE 1.0

Easily render 3D texts

Not bad

PFE is clearly a design tool addressed to novice users. It enables you to create 3D headlines in a very easy way, in fact, so easy that you could just change the default text, without tweaking any other settings, and you would already obtain quite attractive results.

Anyhow, you can change a few options (lights, shadows, zoom, lens flare, etc.) for a higher customization level. The program renders images only in JPG, allowing you to set the quality level.

In short, PFE is a pretty basic tool, but novice users will find it perfect to create titles, logos, headlines and other kinds of 3D texts.

PFE is a software designed to load any true-type font you like and render full parametrized 3D text. You can set the lighting of the scene in real-time and modify the numerous parameters that define the text such as the level of detail of the mesh, the font, the bevelling or the materials. Then you can either choose to export the result whith all the 3D data to VRML and OpenGL source files or render it to a superior quality antialiased jpeg file whilst applying some special effects such as glow or lens-flare.

Take a look at what this program features for you:

  • OpenGl C source export easy to include in your program (only one .h to include, one function call to initialise the text and one function call each time you want to display it).
  • You can monitor the level of detail of the mesh in order to reduce or increase the number of vertices.
  • You can generate the materials of the text object directly from PFE.
  • You can use ANY true-type font you like

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